August 9, 2020 – Sen. Graham asks who in FBI gave false dossier talking points to SSCI … Sleuths find McCabe testified to SSCI that day

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“It would be an extreme long-shot if these two documented events were not analogous.

Senator Lindsay Graham asked today (Go Deep), who was the FBI official that delivered a set of false talking points to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) on February 14,2018?

Now we look within the SSCI Russian Active Measures Report… [Page #10, Footnote #25]

[Hat Tip DebateJudge] On the same day the false FBI talking points were used, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was briefing the SSCI.  Way too coincidental.  It seems almost certain McCabe was the one intentionally misleading the SSCI.

McCabe may have had someone with him, but records clearly indicate, despite his status of announcing his resignation on January 29, 2018, Andrew McCabe was clearly at the SSCI on February 14, 2018 

UPDATE: TheWarEconomy Confirms (via supplemental)

Andrew McCabe (FBI) and Scott Schools (Main Justice) were at SSCI Feb 14, 2018.

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