February 14, 2023 – Details on those to be identified in the Epstein scandal – The Doe List

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“We have word from the FBI.

They will provide us with their interview(s) of Jeffery Epstein in the next couple months.

Here’s the FBI’s representation:

“FBI has completed its search for documents responsive to Plaintiff’s FOIA request and anticipates beginning to produce any non-exempt documents responsive to Plaintiff’s request as early as April 2023. FBI anticipates only one production of documents instead of rolling productions due to the relatively limited number of responsive documents.”

There’s a ton of unanswered questions about Epstein’s involvement with the FBI, and we hope that these records provide some answers. The FBI has fought the disclosure of these records, necessitating the filing of our lawsuit (a lawsuit which was possible through your support – thank you for that).

(…) The Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell “John Does”

There’s more on the Epstein front. A federal judge in New York’s Southern District is currently considering whether to disclose the names of the “John Does” arising out of Virginia Giuffre v. Ghislaine MaxwellHere’s the list she’s reviewing.

Sadly, reporting from the media has created a lot of false hope about whose names might be unsealed. I have to break the unfortunate news: this isn’t “Epstein’s list.”

Let me lay out the facts of what we do know about these individuals. Here’s the breakdown:

  • There are approximately 165 “John Does”. These are not all perpetrators. The vast majority are witnesses of varying degrees (meaning material or immaterial), employees of Epstein, or affiliates of Epstein or the victims. The term “affiliate” ranges from those in Epstein’s address book to the doctors or acquaintances of the victims.
  • The majority of the John Does – nearly 100 of them – have already been identified, whether through the media or court proceedings.
  • Many of the unidentified John Does are immaterial to the allegations against Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. The roles of some are unknown. Some are only referenced in passing, such as a deposition question where the deponent denies knowing the individual. For many others the nature of the information relating to them is “not salacious.”
  • There are approximately 67 John Does that remain unidentified. Of that number, around 11 are listed as potential victims.
  • By my count, there are two alleged perpetrators who have yet to be identified: John Doe 058 and John Doe 094. More on them below.
  • There are two other John Does of interest. John Doe 086 is an alleged “Epstein Affiliate”; some material related to them is “salacious.” John Doe 113 is an alleged “Alleged Epstein Affiliate; Alleged Witness”. This individual “is alleged to have engaged in serious wrongdoing.” Counsel for Maxwell maintains John Doe 113 is referenced in a “hearsay statement that the name appears in Epstein’s address book.”

Here are the alleged perpetrators who are yet to be identified:

John Doe 058 (identified as “Alleged Witness Affiliate; Alleged Perpetrator”)

John Doe 058 is referenced in a letter submitted by counsel for Professor Alan Dershowitz. We suspect his identity may be disclosed in these quotes from the e-mails of Sarah Ransome:

John Doe 094 (identified as Alleged Victim Affiliate; Alleged Perpetrator)

John Doe 094 is discussed in the deposition of victim Virginia Giuffre. The excerpts from her deposition (docket entry 235-4) filed with the court are nearly 90 pages.

There’s a significant amount of redactions and a number of alleged perpetrators – both relating to Epstein/Maxwell and not having anything to do with Epstein/Maxwell – within Giuffre’s deposition. This makes it difficult to pinpoint the exact claims against John Doe 094. In fact, it’s entirely possible that John Doe 094 doesn’t have to do with Epstein or Maxwell. However, if we were to focus on the Epstein/Maxwell connection, here are two different allegations – either of which might relate to John Doe 094:


Giuffre describing a foreign president she met in New Mexico.
Giuffre’s allegations from France

This isn’t to say that we won’t learn anything about those whose names have already been publicized. We anticipate that there may be new and important information, or information that provides additional context, about some of the alleged “perpetrators” – of which the John Doe log lists approximately 17. This includes Sarah Kellen, who is alleged to have to have taken part in Epstein’s abuse scheme. (Read more: Techno Fog/Substack, 2/14/2023)  (Archive)  (Doe List-Archived)