January 10, 2017 – The Dossier Structure

In Email Timeline Post-Election 2016, Email/Dossier Investigations by Katie Weddington

The dossier is 35 pages long and has the following layout and structure (see the sample from page 13 below):

Section 1 – Company intelligence report number date/running total
Section 2 – Report subheading “Russia/USA Growing Backlash in Kremlin…”
Section 3 – Summary of report usually in bullet point format (the ‘raw intelligence’)
Section 4 – Detailed discussion of summary points with a citation of sources

Dossier sample report

The dossier reports contain multiple PDF page image sizes and exhibit post-production processing such as handwritten page numbers and highlighted text. They are not sequential and are spaced unevenly. It is unclear if the report numbering applies just to the dossier or if it’s a running total of all the reports produced by Orbis for multiple customers in that time frame. These gaps strongly suggest that some of the reports have been removed from the final distribution. It’s clear from the visual evidence that some of the reports have formatting problems and that they were scanned multiple times. As can be seen from the table below some reports contain data entry errors (e.g. report 86 is dated 20-Jul-2015) which suggest some haste and carelessness in their preparation and poor review prior to publication.

The reports production schedule and volume are also problematic. As can gleaned from the above frequency graph, the report numbers between Oct-20th to Dec-13th spike from 136 to 166.

The “Count Increase” is an anomaly because the report number and dates (see above table) do not follow his average production rates and could indicate that Steele is gaming the numbers by creating fictitious report numbers, deleting ‘problematic’ reports, or altering their composition dates.” (Read more: Apelbaum, 3/17/2018)  (Archive)

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