January 13, 2020 – A new documentary: “UkraineGate – Inconvenient Facts” by Olivier Berruyer, editor of les-crises.fr and released in conjunction with Consortium News

In Email Timeline Post-Election 2016, Email/Dossier Investigations by Katie Weddington

This documentary was released in conjunction with Consortium News, and sorts out the complicated UkraineGate scandal and the role Joe Biden played in it. (Consortium News, 1/13/2020)  (Archive)  (les-crises.fr)  (Twitter/UkraineGate)

Part 1 – A Not So Solid Prosecutor

We are pleased to present to you today the first video in our documentary series “UkraineGate – Inconvenient Facts”.

Our investigation began in the spring of 2019. It deals with the conflict between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, who has just brought the latter before the Senate for a dismissal trial. The French press having spoken little of it, and the American press having spoken badly of it, we thus bring our stone to the search for the truth on the actions of the Obama administration.

Through several episodes, this independent investigation reveals a number of facts unknown to the general public and highlights the major problems with the quality of information across the Atlantic. It is based on the use of Ukrainian open sources, which our investigation teams verified, cross-checked and then analyzed, with the help of experts whom we met and interviewed.

From Joe Biden, this investigation will take us to the heart of the Ukrainian and international corruption networks…

Part 2 – Not so “dormant” investigations

This second episode focuses on the investigations of General prosecutor Shokin, described as “dormant” by the Biden clan. It demonstrates the fallacy of the narrative launched by Biden’s communication advisors. But you will also discover that Biden’s defense – widely reported by the mainstream media without any verification – has been challenged by Viktor Shokin in various interviews, of which we reveal several excerpts that have never been broadcast…

Part 3 – A not so noble president

In this third episode, we publish several important testimonials, through exceptional exclusive interviews. You will thus discover the revelations of several personalities, such as the Director of the Ukrainian Action Centre against Corruption, but also a former Prosecutor General of Ukraine, a former Ukrainian diplomat, and other famous specialists on Ukraine… We are particularly grateful to Oleksandr Onyschenko for the importance of his testimony. This oligarch, a former member of parliament, was a close associate of Petro Poroshenko, whose mission included corrupting Ukrainian elected officials. Disgusted by these mafia practices, he repented by becoming a whistleblower. Since our interview, he has been arrested in Germany, where he is awaiting an extradition judgment – Interpol having refused to prosecute him since 2016…

Part 4 – Shokin Strikes Back

In the fourth episode, we exclusively present the crucial testimony of the one who was forced to resign under pressure from Joe Biden, the former Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Viktor Shokin.