July 25, 2020 – Two emails reveal Igor Danchenko’s attempt to lure Trump supporter Sergei Millian into Russian business schemes

In Email/Dossier Investigations by Katie Weddington

Sergei Millian (Credit: Twitter)

Sergei Millian reveals on Twitter, two emails he received from Igor Danchenko in July and August 2016. In the July email, Danchenko questions Millian about what business projects Trump was considering in Russia,  and the second August email was a clumsy attempt to lure Millian into profitable business schemes in Russia. Both emails were ignored.

“PSS emails release THREAD: —— My name is Sergei Millian. As a member of GOP & active supporter of Mr. Trump I got viciously targeted by the anti-Trump elements, foreign & domestic.

In 2016, my personal ambition as a proud American citizen was to interview for a leading expert on Russia position with the new Administration.

I have been advocating for the friendly relations between USA and Russia(in line with Mr. Trump’s public statements during 2016 Presidential election campaign).

After I gave a few public interviews in USA and Russia explaining why I supported Mr. Trump, the dark forces in London dispatched a chronic drunkard to spy on me, an American citizen in New York City.

Nevertheless, Mr. Igor Danchenko is not the key conspirator. He is simply an addict who had been working for Steele to make ends meet. The brains behind the conspiracy used Mr Danchenko for their dirty deeds.

Who is behind the conspiracy? How many high-ranking officials were involved in the coup d’etat of the legitimate US President?

The result of actions of the conspirators: continuous fraud, gross violations of state and federal laws, illegal surveillance, organized persecution and non-stop harassment of innocent Americans by the media.

Publication of the information contained in the TWO EMAILS sent by Mr Danchenko in 2016 is deemed to be in the public interest. BOTH of his emails were ignored. You will be able to see both emails as a screenshot image and the original Russian language email in Twitter format.

[Timeline editor’s note: We have translated Mr. Millian’s emails to English and the original Russian language can be seen at his Twitter link below.]

FIRST ATTEMPT TO APPROACH MILLIAN occurred on July 21, 2016. “

Google translated:

Igor Danchenko (Credit: public domain)

Hello Sergey! Colleagues from RIA Novosti gave me your contact. You spoke with Dmitry Zlodarev about Donald Trump and his travels to Russia.

I wanted to ask you: what projects did he consider, or were they purely fashion trips to beauty contests? There has been a lot of speculation on this topic for a month. It would be interesting to talk about this topic. Question from a construction company in Switzerland.

I think there is a political component, but it can be leveled. I am also very interested in Russian-Chinese cooperation, including the sanctions aspect. There are projects in Russia that are looking for investors and equipment suppliers.

Like many in Russia, they look back at Asia – China, Hong Kong, but they don’t know how to approach. Confidentially, of course – I have nothing to do with the media, although there are certainly acquaintances there.

Anyway, it would be interesting if possible to speak with you on the phone or meet for coffee / beer in Washington DC or New York, where I will be next week. I myself am in Washington. You can also by email. mail in Russian or in English.

I sent you a request on LinkedIn – my work is clearer there.

With respect, Igor

First email screenshot. Original view and full-text email fitted to an iPhone screen.

SECOND ATTEMPT TO APPROACH MILLIAN occurred on August 18, 2016.

Google translated:

A question about the land in the Kaluga region, a short meeting in NY or DC.

“Hello Sergey. I wrote to you a few weeks ago. We are in touch on LinkedIn.

There is a proposal for a site in the Kaluga region, not far from New Moscow. I am attaching the information in a separate letter. My friends are lawyers. They repeatedly asked me to suggest someone. I thought that you or your contacts might be interested.

The cadastral value is about 300 million rubles, respectively, the market value is slightly higher. When selling, you can immediately take into account the share of the intermediary. Attached are 8 jpegs.

If there is an opportunity and interest, let us meet and talk about this and other projects. Other projects also involve investments in existing sites, but production is there. And in some cases technology is needed, in others – investment.

The stakes in Russia are high – you yourself know, so I would like to consider some simple and profitable schemes. Write, call. Contacts below.

With respect, Igor

The email has 8 attachments. Screenshots of the attachments below👇🏻

Second email screenshot. Original view and full text email fitted to an iPhone screen.