June 24, 2020 – DOJ Whistleblower John Elias admits he sought job with Democrats during Trump impeachment

In Email/Dossier Investigations by Katie Weddington

John Elias testifies to the House Judiciary Committee on June 24, 2020. (Credit: CSpan clipping)

“A Justice Department official turned whistleblower appeared caught off-guard Wednesday when Republican Rep. Doug Collins pressed him in a House Judiciary Committee hearing about his efforts in 2019 to work for House Democrats during the Trump impeachment saga.

John Elias, chief of staff to the Justice Department’s assistant attorney general in the antitrust division, reluctantly conceded at the hearing that he sought a position on the Democratic side of the House Judiciary Committee.

Elias was one of three witnesses who accused Attorney General William Barr of abuse of his authority at the Judiciary hearing.

Elias alleged that Barr improperly ordered investigations into mergers of 10 small cannabis companies. He testified that he submitted a complaint to the Justice Department’s inspector general.

(…) “Did you ever attempt to get detailed to this committee’s majority staff?” Collins asked.

Elias appeared unprepared for the question, replying after a brief pause: “I, like people, over time have explored various career options.

He then told Collins that he had a “very preliminary conversation” with Democrats about a job on the Judiciary panel.

Elias initially told Collins that he wanted to work on antitrust policy. But after a follow-up question, he said that he might have also asked to work on oversight matters during the impeachment probe.

“Did you not ask to be detailed to the committee’s work on oversight during impeachment, is that not correct? Refresh your memory,” Collins said.

“I may have also asked for oversight at one point,” Elias answered.” (Read more: The Daily Caller, 6/24/2020)  (Archive)