May 11, 2020 – Grassley on Flynn case: FBI abused power in ways Founders, Framers ‘feared most’

In Email Timeline Post-Election 2016, Email/Dossier Investigations by Katie Weddington

“GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley is taking on the media, the Justice Department, and even President Obama over the federal government’s handling of the Michael Flynn case.

(…) Among the revelations was that FBI agents, in the early days of the Trump administration, went beyond the scope of federal government’s case to interview the then-White House national security adviser. Flynn later, in a plea agreement, pleaded guilty to lying to federal agents.

(…) The senator also questioned purported comments made last week by President Obama cautioning that the rule of law may be at risk following the Justice Department’s recommendation to drop the case against Flynn, a retired lieutenant Army general.

“I believe the opposite is true,” he said. “The rule of law is at risk if the federal government can get away with violating the constitution to do what they did to Lt. Gen. Flynn.”

Grassley then asked why the former president would choose to comment on the dropping of the case against Flynn, but not the significant evidence that government directors under his control lied and manipulated processes at every turn of the investigation into him.

“I’ve heard no comment from Mr. Obama about independent inspector general findings that Andrew McCabe lied under oath to federal investigators multiple times,” said Grassley, referring to the former FBI deputy director.

“Or about how DOJ prosecutors falsely told the court that they had produced all Brady material to Flynn. Or when the federal government surveilled an American citizen connected to the Trump campaign without probable cause and based on intelligence the FBI knew was questionable at best,” Grassley continued.

Grassley hinted that the evidence released last week is so significant in its implications of top-tier government corruption that, “it’s time we asked: what did Obama and Biden know and when did they know it?” (Read More: JusttheNews, 5/11/2020) (Archive)