September 1, 2020 – Joseph Mifsud’s 302 is released and raises questions about the accuracy of the Mueller Report

In Email/Dossier Investigations by Katie Weddington

Joseph Mifsud and George Papadopoulos (Credit: Financial Times Graphic)

Whoa – the Joseph Mifsud 302 is out.

Mifsud said he had no advance knowledge Russia had DNC emails and did not make any offer to Papadopoulos

And there is a post-interview email from Mifsud to FBI yet to be released 🤔

A very short interview for a purported “Russian agent.”

Mueller’s Report played-up Mifsud’s “connections to Russia.”

At the interview, the FBI didn’t bother to ask many questions about those “connections.”

No follow-up questions about emails.

Now we can see why there were zero references to the Mifsud 302 in Mueller’s Report.

Mueller allegation:

@GeorgePapa19 “lies” about if he was w/ Trump campaign during Mifsud meeting impeded their ability to question Mifsud.

The problem: Mifsud himself told the FBI that George was w/ Trump campaign when they met.

One last thing – the Special Counsel’s dishonesty to the court.

Representation: @GeorgePapa19 prevented FBI from getting to the bottom of the Mifsud story.

Reality: the FBI asked few questions of Mifsud, was getting emails from Mifsud, and chose to not follow-up with Mifsud.


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here is the Mifsud email to the FBI.

(Solomon release in 2019)

(Techno Fog@Techno_Fog, 9/01/2020)  (Archive)

Jim Jordan going through Mifsud’s three “lies to the FBI”.