September 11, 2020 – John Gleeson has filed his Reply Brief as requested by Judge Sullivan

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Flynn update- Amicus John Gleeson has filed his Reply Brief.

An unhinged argument: the DOJ dismissal is politically motivated and is a “gross abuse of prosecutorial power.”

This is what Judge Sullivan asked for.

Full doc:

Gleeson by Techno Fog

Gleeson (a Weissmann ally) conspiracy theories:

The “only coherent explanation” for the DOJ dismissal of charges is that the DOJ submitted to pressure from President Trump.

In a way, this isn’t only about Flynn – it’s a broader battle against AG Barr and the DOJ.

Gleeson was assisted in this Brief by David O’Neil (same firm)

O’Neil is the lawyer for Sally Yates.

Yates is a material witness to FBI/DOJ misconduct as to Flynn (and the Carter Page FISAs).

These briefs thus serve the interests of the firm’s client.

Good job Sullivan 🤡

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