September 5, 2022 – Court order reveals Joe Biden ordered the Mar-a-Lago raid; Weissmann in a tizzy over Special Master review order

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Jean Pierre insisted that the President was not briefed on the raid.

District Judge Aileen Mercedes Cannon (Credit: public domain)

Earlier today, Judge Aileen Cannon granted President Trump’s request for a Special Master review of the material confiscated by the Biden DOJ during their raid on his home at Mar-a-Lago.

Judge Cannon also ‘temporarily enjoins’ or forbids the Biden regime from ‘reviewing and using the seized materials’ pending the completion of the review.

The Gateway Pundit posted the judge’s decision earlier today. (Read more: The Gateway Pundit, 9/5/2022) (Archive)

Judge Cannon takes the government to task in her order:

Andrew Weissman, the former Justice official who ran the Mueller special counsel and is now a contributor on the fake news channels, suffered a meltdown following the decision.

Sal Greco, a politically persecuted and fired NYPD officer, responded to Weissman’s temper tantrum.

Via Sal Greco.

After violating the civil rights of mob victims, the Enron defendants ( who’s convictions were overturned because of his misconduct ) and Paul Manafort; Andrew Weissmann ranting about “ the rule of law “ is a joke.

Andrew Weismann is in a lavender rage because an honest and courageous judge has delayed the politicized DOJ effort to destroy @realDonaldTrump while holding him to a different standard then Barrack Obama.

For the second time in his legal career, Andrew Weismann comes across a judge that actually respects the rule of law. The last time was the when his Enron convictions were overturned for his prosecutorial misconduct.

Here are a few of the Twitter rants by Andrew Weissmann:

(Read more: Gateway Pundit, 9/5/2022) (Archive)